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Places in our Centre are offered according to priority of access set by Department of Education and Communities. The Centre has a quota of licensed places for after school care and before school care and we cannot exceed this quota. The educators at the Centre will do their best to provide families with the care they require however this is not always possible. The Centre has a waiting list, which records the needs of families awaiting places, this is also prioritised and follows Department guidelines.

All children must be registered with Warrawee Care Centre to be eligible to attend before and after school care. This means you have completed the current enrolment form, paid the annual registration charge in advance and received confirmation. If your child is required to attend the Centre due to unexpected circumstances and is registered then we will accept them if we have a place on a casual basis. If not registered, they remain the responsibility of the school and are supervised by the school staff until your arrival. The Centre needs to be notified beforehand that your child requires care, please ring and let us know in advance that your child will be attending.

All enrolment packages are available from the service or alternatively the Infants Department of the School has additional packages available for families. Enrolment packages are available from Term 4 for the following year, although families can complete an enrolment package at any point throughout the year, or when they are in need of care.

Expression of Interest

We open our wait list each January for the following year and recommend getting in early for places as demand often exceeds availability.  We do our best to allocate new families with as many places as we have available and families are notified in October following current re-enrolment of families already using the service.  Click here to download the Expression of Interest Form.

Orientation time

We welcome families to come and visit us in the Centre before starting school. This visit may be pre arranged so an educator is available to show you round and answer all the questions you have, alternatively you can drop in, say hi and have a wander through our service. Each January the service holds an orientation morning for all our kindergarten families and during this time your child is welcome to join others and participate in some pre planned experiences with educators. This is a great opportunity to meet other families, chat with our Educators and have a look around the Centre. Orientation also provides you with time to discuss your child’s needs as well as your expectations of the Centre. The Director will explain our programs, practices, children’s routines and other important information to you at this orientation.

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Words from past kindy families...

Reviews About Our Services

“I liked the understanding by the centre that it was a big deal for both the parents and kids to start school, let alone before and after school care at the same time.  I was a bit worried about it all being too overwhelming but we arranged for Sophie to miss the first week of care and then do some short days to help her settle in, just like we would have done at a new daycare centre. Not that I needed to worry as she was nagging me to go everyday…” Karli Pearson

 “I think that starting the kindys earlier for first few week works well and u picking them up from classroom … I really can’t fault anything u do to be honest.. U run a fabulous ship.. With lots of variation and fun activities.. Charlie just lives the place and never wants to come home!!! .. I love he interaction with all yrs that he gets there and your staff are always se happy to be there and willing to help… So we r a very happy family at WASC”  O’Loughlin family 

“I really appreciate the way you guys put time and effort into each individual child. It feels like a mass of kids running everywhere when you first start but its not long before you realise that the staff know each and every child, and also know when they are going to need a little extra attention – before the child even knows. You guys are magic and I feel really lucky to have you on my children’s parenting team! “ Megan Kerr

“My daughter was very nervous starting Kindergarten in 2013.  The Warrawee Care Centre staff proved to be the key to my daughter’s successful transition to school.  She was so well supported by the staff, particularly Lauren who was caring for the new Kindy students.  Each morning, my daughter was met individually by Lauren who helped her to separate from me with dignity.  Lauren consistently provided positive and engaging activities that helped my daughter to redirect her nervousness.  As my daughter returned to school for the start of Year 1, while she was quite anxious about starting school, she was confident and excited to return to the Warrawee Care Centre.  Both my children cite “after school care” as the best thing about school”. Maura Manning

“Nothing prepares kindergarten children for their first year at school and my daughter found it exhausting. The staff suggested earlier pick-ups for the first month and then to ease her into the longer days. This made a world of difference and we all coped better with the school transition. Listening to the staff benefitted not only my child but us as a family”. Andrew Williamson

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