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Family & Community 

The child, the family and the service do not exist in isolation, as they are all parts of a larger community.  We recognise and view family and community involvement as being very important to us.  The relationship between the family, school and Centre educators is crucial to the child’s wellbeing as the child benefits most when we work together and communicate about the child’s outcomes for learning.

We encourage parents to be involved in what their children do during their time at the Centre and this involvement allows relationships to develop and partnerships to form.  Educators communicate with respect and sensitivity and often informal discussions are most effective and allow an exchange of information while the child may be finishing an activity or collecting their belongings.  

The Centre is active in our local and wider community and engages in numerous ongoing partnerships. Children enjoy excursions to Turramurra Community Garden to help in the garden and to Hamlin Fistula Turramurra where our older children are learning to knit blankets to send to Ethiopia.  Our children participate in field trips to Apple Hornsby as well as many in house experiences with family visitors. 

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