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Importance of play

The Centre operates on the principle of free play.  Children are encouraged to participate in activities, but the choice of participation is up to them.  Activities range from craft, art and drama through to music, dance and games.  The Centre engages in special days, usually to mark the end of a period, an event or a child’s birthday. Educators provide a range of active and restful experiences throughout the day and support children regarding their participation in activities and experiences.  The Centre has a quiet library space where children can “chill out” and relax with friends.

The Educators  program to incorporate children’s play experiences and educator and child reflections. The program contains intentional teaching experiences that have been preplanned based on previous learning, furthering of children’s curiosities or ideas children have voiced to educators.  Spontaneous experiences are documented as interest is shown by children or experiences are initiated.

Children are asked to contribute ideas to the program as well as daily ideas that arise and are also consulted on likes and dislikes of activities, active play or free play choices.  Educators then take this into account when programming, planning or purchasing resources.  Families are asked for feedback through surveys, questionnaires or informal discussions with staff, this information is also used to shape future programs. School.

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