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Our Educators

“What I have come to realise is that to educate children you’ve got to share yourself with them, as a person”
                                                                                                                                                                   Nias, 1989.

The educators at Warrawee Care Centre work hard to create a safe and caring, child-friendly environment for all the children who visit us each day. All educators have undergone a Working with Children Check before commencing work at the Centre.

Educators play an integral part in demonstrating appreciation for all children no matter what background, ability or needs the child may have.  By showing interest and respect for children, we make them feel valued and increase their confidence to express themselves.  Furthermore, we promote self-esteem in these children and provide an atmosphere which enhances the children’s enjoyment of being at our service.  Educators make an effort to incorporate awareness of diversity into the daily program at the service and positively appreciate all children’s differences.

All educators actively role model behaviours that help children to recognise and challenge any prejudice that may arise from their environment and teach children to value themselves as unique and special individuals.

Educators create a responsive and inclusive atmosphere within the service.  This atmosphere provides a secure foundation on which to base the service’s programs.  In order to do this, educators foster friendships, develop trust and interact in positive ways.  Educators guide children’s behaviour, helping them to express a range of emotional responses through understanding and co-operation.  This is important as children develop and sustain self-discipline and learn from their experiences.

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