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Family Resources

Health Resources

Warrawee Care Centre health resources outlines policies and procedures that are in place to help prevent the spread of many infectious diseases sourced from a relevant recognised authority.  Educators assist children to take a growing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing, modelling and reinforcing health and personal hygiene.  Our routines and experiences provide opportunities for children to learn about health and safety. Children are involved in developing guidelines and discussions around health keeping the environment safe for all.

During outbreaks of any infectious disease in the service a noticeboard will be placed in the foyer with a fact sheet or other information sourced from Staying Healthy in Child Care, 5th ed.

Below are some important Health Links for families

Preventing infectious diseases in child care – Staying Healthy in Child Care 5th ed.

National Poisons Information 131 126 – Poisons Information Brochure 

Asthma – Asthma Australia        Sydney Children’s Hospital Asthma Information

Recommended minimum exclusion periods for infectious diseases –  Staying Healthy in Child Care, Exclusion Periods


Allergies and Anaphylaxis – The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy


Diabetes – Diabetes Australia


Sun Protection – Cancer Council NSW


Australian Immunisation Register –  Immunisation in Australia


Sydney Children’s Hospital – Sydney Children’s Hospital fact sheets


NSW Health for Public Health information – NSW Health

Recycling in our Local Community

This page will help you help the environment but with minimal effort. It will highlight what you can do, to divert stuff away from landfill, with minimal effort by you. Listed here is recycling you can do on your way to work, at the local shops that you visit many times a week or that you can do at home. Also, to reflect our status as a Community Outside of School Hours Centre, many of the below mentioned schemes have a secondary benefit in that they assist charities or non-profit community organisations.

Remember we have baskets in the Centre where you can leave a variety of items for recycling.


Toner Cartridges

You used toner cartridges can be recycled at the school.  The school has a box that your cartridges can be put into.  We ensure all the toner cartridges from the Centre are taken to the office for recycling.

Plastic Bags

Your plastic shopping bags can be recycled in the bins outside of Coles Turramurra.  Our children collect these bags and during local outings return them to the Coles bin for recycling.  You are welcome to leave the bags with us as well.

Plastic Plant Pots

Elegant Outdoors at Turramurra has a great recycling program.  You can drop off any plastic pots to there recycling bin and these pots are then sent to Victoria to be recycled and turned back into plastic pots.  The pots can be cracked or broken and all sizes accepted.  Elegant Outdoors also support Care Flight Australia with asking a small coin donation for any pots you leave for recycling.


Guides Australia collect corks from wine bottles for recycling. Last year Guides around Australia recycled 60 tons of cork, and in 2007 $100,000 was raised for Guide programs and activities from cork recycling. Recycled corks are are made into placemats, coasters, floor tiles, dartboards, and hockey balls. Take yours to any The Body Shop stores or at BWS (Pennant Hills). Please note, only natural cork bottle stoppers can be donated.


OneSight, a charitable eye care foundation, provides free eye care and free eyewear to people in need both here in our own country and around the world. Everyone can be involved in OneSightSM through eyewear recycling. You can drop off your used prescription eyewear at OPSM (Westfield Hornsby), Laubman & Pank (Castle Towers), or Budget Eyewear (Westfield Hornsby). Your glasses are cleaned, the prescriptions measured and then taken to global clinics in developing countries where they are hand-delivered to people in need. Alternatively Derek Posniak Optometrist at Turramurra has a similar program in which glasses are sent to third world Countries to be reused.

Household batteries 
Household batteries can now be recycled. You can drop off your batteries at Hornsby Shire Council’s Waste Depot at 31 Sefton Road, Thornleigh.  We have a basket for battery recycling in the foyer !!

Light bulbs 
Drop off your incandescent and compact fluroescent light bulbs for recycling at the Council’s Waste Depot, 31 Sefton Road, Thornleigh. Your bulbs and tubes must be wrapped in newspaper to prevent breakage as broken light bulbs will not be accepted. For opening hours call Council’s Waste Hotline on 9847 4856.

Mattresses can now be recycled. Dreamsafe are mattress recyclers and cleaners. They will collect your old mattress and take it to their recycling facility. There is generally a cost to you for this service, but it might be better than it hanging around til council cleanup. Most mattress components including wood, foam, springs and some fabrics can be recycled. Some mattresses are also donated to charity. For more information call 1300 551 245 or visit

Milk Crates

Milk crates remain the property of companies such as Dairy Farmers. More than 700,000 milk crates go missing in NSW every year. That’s 2000 a day. Each milk crate costs $4 to produce, at an annual cost of $3million to farmers. Nearly two tonnes of plastic a day, or 730tonnes a year, is used to replace the missing milk crates. If you find a milk crate, or happen to find one under your house or perhaps in your garage, ring 1800 883 534 (for Dairy Farmers) and they will come and collect them from your house, no questions asked.

Mobile phones and batteries 
Over 90% of the materials in mobile phones can be recovered and used as raw materials for new products. Discard your unwanted mobile phone or mobile phone battery through Mobile Muster, Australia’s official recycling program of the mobile phone industry. Mobile phones can be left at the Council Waste Depot at 31 Sefton Rd, Thornleigh, or at Australia Post at Normanhurst or Pennant Hills.

Alternatively you can donate your mobile phone via “Don’t Dump It, Donate it”, and the Spastic Centre receives between $3-$5 for every mobile phone that is donated. Simply ring 1300 136 140 and they will send you a free post satchel which you can use to post the the mobile phone directly to them..


Shopping Trolleys

Report any wayward shopping trolleys through Trolley Tracker. Yes, this is a type of recycling – it is reusing which is even better. Either ring 1800 641 497 or visit to log a trolley that has wandered away from participating stores. All valid entries logged will go into the draw for one of five $1,000.00 open order rewards offered each month.

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